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Create a Still image camera type
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Auteur:  ecaste [ Ven Fév 19, 2010 3:46 pm ]
Sujet du message:  Create a Still image camera type

In some cases, when the MJPEG path is unknown, most of the time the camera is not MJPEG compliant, the camera can be configured in Still Images automatically refreshed.

For this you need to:
- create a STILL IMAGE video type camera
- give it a name
- in the address field enter: [ipcamera][image path]
- enter login and password if necessary
- select 1 sec. as refreshing time
- save

    [ipcamera] by the address of the camera, for eg.
    [image path] by the corresponding image path you found in the corresponding parameters secion on this forum. For e.g: /cgi-bin/video.jpg for a DLink DCS 2121

    address field:

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